NARS creates unique and original lifestyle products and animations for Second Life residents – ensuring a fluid and realistic experience. Dare to be yourself!

Welcome to N4RS
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A little about N4RS’ history

Founded in 2008, N4RS (pronounced ‘Enforce’) was built out of curiosity. The idea of populating an early stage metaverse with digital items sparked the want to create and share.

This started with basic, now heavily nostalgic, primitives made from cubes and spheres, hand painted and shared with the friends I had made on Second Life. Soon after came mesh, which allowed creators to make 3D objects outside of SL before importing them – this changed everything!

With this intrigue came a healthy appetite for developing these skills, combining rudimental animating software with my furniture to produce some of the earliest adult furniture on the grid.

Unique, original and exclusive content is what makes N4RS, N4RS. After 14 years of continuous development, working directly with the community, N4RS has become a reputable brand synonymous with quality. I am always striving to improve and provide a realistic virtual experience for all residents on Second Life.


About Alecat

As a professional Graphic Designer in 2D (Photoshop – InDesign – Illustrator), 3D became the next challenge. Becoming fluent in Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Zbrush and Substance Paint/Designer was unavoidable to survive as a creator/builder in Second Life. Untold hours of online courses, making mistakes, redoing things over and over was a mix of fun and pure frustration. Fortunately, most Second Life creators are kind enough to share knowledge and tips – the group of creator friends I created are worth their weight in gold.

Three trimesters of professional Animation Classes in Maya later, I had a good grip on the principles of animation and body mechanics. I was confident, able, and ready! And then, as the devil would have it, came the need to learn how to apply these skills in Blender as “the physics rig” was limited to just this 3D program.

During the past year, animation has become a priority and a passion – do it till you love it, right! An adult couple animation can take up a full day’s work to complete – and then inevitable changes once seen in SL need to be addressed. This is the biggest differentiator between N4RS and most other creators. Original animation – something I am keen to develop further and fully master.


Immerse yourself in this virtual world with quality
by using the best Second Life has to offer.
Don’t settle for “same as, same as”.

Some of the latest products.

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N4RS The Director D/s Chair


The N4RS “The Director” is THE latest D/s Chair in SL.
All Original animations are created with an animated Physics Cock rig – you have
to see it to believe it.

Six texture options are sure to fit your style.

All relevant plug-ins are included.   Try it out in-world.  Available on Marketplace from 1st January 2023.

If you can’t wait – visit FameshedX right now.

NARS St. Andrews Cross


St Andrews Cross – filled with New and Original N4RS Bento Animations.

N4RS Fuck Wall Engine


N4RS Fuck Wall – Once in place, set texture to “invisible” and surprise your guest :-))

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